This page will serve to keep track of all the quests you acquire while exploring the Stolen Lands.

Quest Name Source Task Completion Reward Quest Status
The Fate of Varnhold the missing citizens of Varnhold Explore Varnhold, learn the truth of of what befell its citizens, and solve the mystery. Solve the mystery of Varnhold’s vanishing The completion of Book 3 Ongoing
Wanted: Manticores Wanted poster Local (and quite eccentric) poet Iosis Vemarelian wants to write a complex epic using only pens crafted from manticore quills. He wants a healthy collection of quills to see him through this strange project. Quills harvested from at least two manticores should be enough to satisfy Iosis. In exchange for a a delivery of quills, Iosis has promised a payment of a rare book of ancient halfling poetry worth 3,000 gp. Ongoing
Mmmm… Eels! A local innkeeper Local innkeeper, Beven Armaki, has announced an eel bake, but he’s tired of plain old river eels. He’s heard that the silver eels of Lake Silverstep make for particularly fine dining and has asked for a delivery of two dozen freshly caught eels. Catch and deliver 12 silver eels. Not only does Beven invite whoever delivers the eels to take part in the eel bake free of charge, but he also rewards the fisherman with a family heirloom: a +2 buckler. Ongoing
Wanted: Spidersilk A local weaver Chamaie Lerian has heard that the giant trapdoor spiders that live in the hills east of the Tors of Levenies spin the softest silk in the area. She asks for a delivery of 50 square yards of good silk harvested from several spider dens. One spider den should yield 10 square yards of usable silk; bring 50 yards to Chamaie. Chamaie promises a cloak of protection +2 as a reward to whoever can supply her with silk. Ongoing
Forgotten History Tamerak Elenark Traveling scholar Tamerak Elenark has come to the Stolen Lands seeking clues into the history of ancient Iobarian culture. Search the ruins of the Nomen Heights for surviving clues about Iobarian culture, particularly relating to the ancient cyclops tribes. He’s promised a magic circlet to anyone who can find new information for him. Ongoing
A Missing Brother Local aristocrat Edrist Hanvaki Edrist worries about his brother, Tomin, who recently traveled to Varnhold to seal a deal with that village’s gemcutter. Tomin’s been missing for days, and Edrist has promised a reward for news of his brohter’s fate, or at the very least, the return of his brother’s mother-of-pearl brooch. Learn of Tomin’s fate and report the discovery to Edrist. Edrist is prepared to award those who bring him the news he seeks a payment of 3,000 gp. Ongoing
Varnhold’s Treasure The lost treasures found in the city of Varnhold Ensure that the citizens of Varnhold recover as much of their belongings as possible The PCs must reunite the citizens of Varnhold with their belongings. The goodwill of Varnhold. Ongoing
Rescue Xamanthe Aecora Silverfire, war-priestess of the Nomen Centaurs Find Aecora’s daughter, Xamanthe, or proof of her fate. Escort Xamanthe (or bring her body) back to the Nomen Tribe. Once Aecora knows what became of her daughter, she rewards them. Ongoing

Completed Quests

Skybolt treasure found in Spriggan possession Recover the missing bow, which was stolen many months ago by the spriggans. Return Skybolt to the Nomen centaurs The favor of the Nomen centaurs Completed
The Ghost Stone War Zzamas, the phase spider Zzamas wants the PCs to help her attack and slay the xills that have forced her to abandon her lair at the Ghost Stone. All xills must be slain or forced to flee. Zzamas promises to reward the PCs, if they help her, with a lost secret chest should recently found drifting through the Ether. Completed

Book 2 Quests

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