This page will serve to keep track of all the quests you acquire while exploring the Stolen Lands.

Quest Name Source Task Completion Reward Quest Status
Bokken’s Crazy Brother Crazy Old Bokken Bokken claims that he has a brother and that the d**n b*****d cut Bokken’s finger off, killed their mother, stole something from Bokken and ran off to live in the Southern Greenbelt with his cat. If you could find Bokken’s brother and make him pay for what he did, Bokken would be most appreciative. If you could find whatever his brother stole from Bokken, the hermit would be equally glad as well. Bokken’s favor, whatever that may be. Ongoing

Completed Quests

Northern Howls Wanted poster A ferocious worg stalks the Kamelands! His name is Howl-of-the-North-Wind, and he’s been eating bandits and hunters for years. With the new influx of citizens into the Greenbelt, the ravenous worg needs to be slain before he acquires a taste for the citizenry! Kill the worg and display his body at town for the citizens to see. The Kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the heroes who slay Howl-Of-The-North-Wind. Completed
Wrath of the Scythe Tree Tiressia the dryad Tiressia wants the PCs to slay the scythe tree – if possible, without causing excessive damage to the surrounding forest. Once the scythe tree is slain, Tiressia learns of the event swiftly as the deed is whispered among the branches and roots of the Narlmarches. Tiressia offers to give the PCs a reward and her favor. Completed
Replacing Melianse’s Trees Melianse the nixie Melianse doesn’t care how the PCs replace the five trees, nor does she care what kind of trees they replace the felled ones with. She simply wants five trees back to help restore the “balance” of her home. Find five feather tokens to replace the trees in Melianse’s grove. Melianse will release the charmed loggers from her dominion. Completed
Tomb Treasure Treasure map found in the Mad Hermit’s den. A few minutes spent deciphering the scrawls and faded shapes on this map are enough to recognize that the map seems to point the way to a hidden burial cairn somewhere in the Kamelands between the Gudrin and Shrike Rivers, due east of the northern shores of the Tuskwater. Follow the map, find the treasure. Whatever treasure the tomb may hold. Completed
Black Rattlecaps The Old Beldame The Old Beldame uses the sprepods inside the black rattlecap mushrooms to brew a potent tea, but the mushrooms are very rare. She send the PCs to the Mud Bowl to gather as many of the mushrooms as they can for her. After defeating the hideous guardian of the Mud Bowl, the PCs can harvest several black rattlecaps. The Old Beldame wants as many as the PCs can bring her. The Old Beldame promises a payment of 100 gp for every black rattlecap the PCs can bring her. Completed
That Das’t Turtle! Arven the fisherman Arven has a secret fishing hole on the east bank of the Tuskwater, but now an ill-tempered beast has claimed the spot. The beast in question is a semi-legendary hookjaw turtle named Old Crackjaw. Kill him! Watch out for his chompers! Kill (or drive off) Old Crackjaw from Arven’s secret fishing hole. Arven finds all sorts of things; he’ll give whoever helps him a ring of feather falling he found in a pike’s stomach as a reward. Completed
A Lady’s Desire Lily Teskerton, local flirt Lily’s always loved the workmanship of fine elven crafting but has never owned an example of such superb work. She’s heard rumors of an old elven ruin in the southern Narlmarches; if anyone could find teh ruins and salvage from them an example of elven workmanship, she would be EVER so grateful… Find a statuette of fine elven craftmanship. Lilly’s willing to trade her dead father’s cloak of protection +1 and a kiss (or perhaps a bit more) for such a statue. Completed
Where’s Tig? Tig Tannerson’s parents Young Tig Tannerson has always been a handful. His hobby of collecting “pets” from the wilds along the riverbanks of the southern Greenbelt has placed him in danger many times, but now it appears he’s really in trouble. Tig has been missing for several days, and his parents are distraught with worry. Finding him will increase the kingdom’s morale. Find Tig and deliver him safely home. If Tig is reunited with his parents, increase the Kingdom’s Loyalty by 2. Completed
Hunting the Beast The dead citizens and shambling remains of the PCs’ city Slay the enormous owlbear! Either one month after the owlbear’s defeat (when it is obvious that the peril is no more) or immediately upon displaying physical proof of the monster’s defeat in public (such as its head or a claw), the PCs’ kingdom gains the quest reward. The destruction of the owlbear bolsters the kingdom’s morale, the PCs’ fame, and the safety of all. Increase Economy, Loyalty, and Stability by 4. Reduce Unrest to 0. Completed
Troll Slaying The swordlords of Restov In this charter, the swordlords make it clear that the news of a band of trolls based somewhere in the southern Greenbelt has reached Restov. They task the PCs with ridding the area of this menace. The death of the troll leader is enough to cause any remaining trolls to disperse and seek easier prey elsewhere. Once word of the PCs’ success reaches Restov, the Swordlords reward them not only by sending the PCs personally 2,000 gp but also by sending additional support for their kingdom in the form of 10 BP. Completed
Shamblesap Wanted poster Shambling mounds aren’t as common in the Greenbelt as they are in Hooktongue Slough, but they’re not unheard of. A local herbalist has found that the sap of a shambling mound works wonders for cultivating certain medicinal herbs, and asks for one shambling mound’s worth of sap. Deliver the sap to the herbalist. The herbalist can pay 600 gp for the sap, along with 3 potions of cure moderate wounds. Completed
Troll Blood Wanted post A local alchemist has a theory that trolls’ blood can serve as a catalyst during the creation of healing potions. But until he gets a supply of the blood, he won’t be able to prove his theory. Deliver a waterskin filled with troll blood to the alchemist. He doesn’t need more than one waterskin, so one troll donor should do the trick. The alchemist promises a reward of 1,200 gp in potions (hunter’s choice), deliverable about a week after the blood is brought to him. Completed
I Swear I’m Sober Stas, a local lumberjack Stas claims to have seen an elusive hodag and to have stuck it with his magic spear. His friends think that he lost his spear in the river and made up the hodag sighting to cover up his clumsiness. The poor lumberjack’s honor is at stake! Kill the hodag and bring its head to Stas so he can show it to his friends. That’ll learn ’em! In gratitude, Stas promises his +1 keen spear as a reward. The only problem? It’s probably still stuck in hodag’s back. Completed
Forest Drake Hunt Wanted poster Rumors of dragons haunting the southern Narlmarches are probably (hopefully) overstated. The evidence indicates that the source of the rumors is merely a pair of forest drakes. In any event, they’re killing folks and need to be put down. Find the forest drakes, kill them, and return to town with a head as proof. The kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the first group to successfully slay a forest drake in the Narlmarches. Completed

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