Kingmaker Adventure Path

9th of Lamashan, 4711

The woods stood silent as I passed with through with ones that once brought so much happiness to the world. Tiressia received the dead with a solemn and heavy heart. These creatures that walk bound to the earth hold traditions as unique and varied as the trees of trees of the forests, the waves of the sea, the changing of the winds.

For Tyg-Titter-Tut, the dryad wrapped the grig’s small body in a leaf, swaddling her like a babe in a blanket. Tyg was always fond of songs. Tiressia sang in a language unknown to me as she laid Tyg’s body amidst the roots of a tree.

For Pervilash, Tiressia placed the faerie dragon on a bed of rocks. She then sprinkled a strange sparkling substance over Pervilash’s body. The sparkling sand danced and broke in the air to the sound of cracks of thunder. When the lights were gone and the noise faded, Pervilash’s body was gone as well. I cannot help but smile, even if sadly and for a moment. Just as he was in life, Pervilash was abrupt and boisterous in death.

“May your spirits return to the peace of the First World and ever live in the elder trees," Tiressia said as she finished the rituals.

Tears filled my eyes. They should not have died for me to live. I bid Katara to leave, but she protested. She wanted to stay with Tiressia through the night. Her kind heart would not allow her to leave Tiressia at such a time.

“Tiressia knew Tyg and Pervilash long before we called them friends,” Katara whispered as to not let Tiressia overhear our conversation.

My body is healing with each passing day, but I fear my soul shall be wounded for a long time to come.



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