Abijah's Journal

The journal of a late adventurer. It has since been lost in the Narlmarches.


24th of Calistril
Left Restov. Traveling west to Oleg’s Trading Post.

28th of Calistril
Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post- a wooden palisade fort, repurposed to be a trading post. We were greeted by Svetlana and Oleg, awaiting our arrival and relief en lieu of Restov Guard.

Svetlana regaled us with tales of bandit attacks at the beginning of every month – in numbers of about a dozen. The leader appears to be an axe-weilding woman, or a shady bowman.

Svetlana spoke of a hermit to the East, where Oleg and Svetlana go to for potions and remedies. Bokken – exchanges food for these services.

Katara, a young traveler en route to the Post with Kaltegan and my person, tended to the wounds of Oleg as best she could. I found this to be exceptional, since most humans I found in this country have little respect or compassion for others. Svetlana’s story appears to be truthful, and so our small band has determined to aide them in defending the post. IN all, there are six residing in this old fort.

  • Katara – a young human girl with tanned skin and dark hair, and a quiet disposition
  • Xavier – more of a soldier than a mere man, quick to fight, and more than happy to kill. He weilds a strange and bulky contraption of unknown power.
  • Kaltegan – my roguish and older half brother, whom I trust with my life… just not my money
  • Oleg and Svetlana – The owners of the post, a middle-aged couple

1st of Pharast
On queue, the bandits rode into the trading post and right into our ambuscade. Xavier and I pushed the wagon to cut off their escape. Quick as bees, we struck the leader down from his horse and along with him, two of his rogues. The last, now more susceptible to my terms of surrender, happily accepted. He resigned to my manacles without fuss.

For our troubles, Oleg has granted us compensation by means of free hospitality and a group sum of of several gold pieces, of which I claimed twenty-six. I suppose that the funds will prove useful to the priests of Iomedae back in Brevoy. For now, I will use it sparingly, though there might not be much “use” for gold in this, the only trading post. Thanks be for the provisions I have inherited, my Inheritor.

I spent the better part of an hour riding the liberated horses of the bandits. One of them was most agreeable, though he seemed to be a bitter mustang; I shall use him, and call him… “Owl Bear.”

Interrogation led to the following information:
A group of bandits is camped 48 miles to the south of here, along the river Thorn. There are eight in his troop, led by a bitter woman named Kressle. It’s hard to say whether or not the others will sally forth to discover the peril of their raiding band.

Inasmuch, we have decided to explore the surrounding area of Oleg’s Trading Post, but not until the morrow. Perhaps Svetlana’s anticipated reserves will arrive soon.

2nd of Pharast
Most of today (and ordinance) was spent on exploring the remarkless landscape. However, our return to Oleg’s Post was most remarkable – as Captain Kesten and a retinue of Restove soldiers indeed arrived, and made camp. We stayed the rest of the evening in his company, and turned the brigand over to his charge.

3rd of Pharast
Our smaller band has decided to set out after the bandits and their camp ‘some’ miles to the South. Upon leaving the plains and entering a forest patch to the southwest, we encountered four kobolds – freshly gorged on moon radishes. The selfish cavalier forewent their claim to the radish patch, which aggravated the unfriendly pathetic creatures. Even though the fault was Xavier’s own, the intent of fatality lay singularly with the kobolds. Therefore, a brief combat ensued. I managed to knockout one of them, and spared him from the fate of his brethren. However, as Kaltegan went to loosen the binds, the brave little creature escaped, lunging for his spear. Xavier was all too ready to complete the slaughter, and ran the little creature clean through. We rested after exploring the forest, and continued our journey South.

4th of Pharast
I write this in the cover of a dead log, out of the thunderstorm. We managed to come across a palisade encampment on our southern route – it had been occupied by a sorty of formidable bandits. I announced that they should comply with the Restov Swordlords (our charter), which they answered with attacking my own flankside. I was thoroughly caught off guard, and deafened, by the snapping of a thunderstone at my feet. I caught sight of my brother advancing upon a host of the foray, and proceeded to relieve his flank. I took mark upon the neck of one bandit, separating head from torso as I called out a warning of my brother’s surrounding foes. At that time, one of the knaves drew upon me with a sword, cracking my ribs and drawing blood from my side. I reeled from the wound, which was to my fortune, as Xavier came on swift charge of horse to dispose of my foe.

Through the ringing in my ears, I heard the aching scream of my brother as he fell from a mortal blow by the wench leading the rabble. Overcome with anger and righteous indignation, I charge her, and smote her with a piercing stab into her nasal cavity – clean through her skull. My brother’s body lay at my feet, and I had pause enough to determine if he had been cleft from Iomedae’s watchful embrace. I saw no wound that could not be mended with critical treatment. So, I concentrated the fading constitution of my energy into attending the aide of mine party. It was at that point I witnessed the cavalier strike down a fifth bandit, which caused the remaining curs to rout from the combat.

I returned post-haste to my brother’s body, and tended his wounds as best possible, praying for Iomedae to guide my mending attempts. She answere, but from an unexpected venue – the quiet Katara spoke a magical word of healing. I watched as she drew water from the ground and the rain around us to her hand and placed her hand on my brother’s wound. The water around her hand glowed, stopping the spilling blood, mending bones, closing wounds, and restoring vigor to his breath and eyes. He awoke, and we proceeded to subdue the encampment for its shelter and stores.

Our party discussed redeeming this bandit camp with the meager spoils acquired by the previous occupants. In the days to come, we shall travel to the Trading Post with our report and bandit trophies.

5th of Pharast
We returned to Oleg’s Post and met a certain Kavken, Cleric of Erastil, whom has taken temporary hostel at the post. We made order for supplies, and decided to explore the surrounding area while we wait upon the order to be filled.

6th of Pharast
We traveled about 12 miles southeast of Oleg’s Post in a plains scape. A shinnery along the East side harbored a giant spider that attempted to make feast upon Kaltegan’s horse. Our party disposed of the spider, in which Katara was bitten. Xavier brought his strange device to bare upon the spider, and loosed ordinance upon it twice. It made short work of the monster, and scarce nerve of the horse.

7th of Pharast
Our party traveled southwest of the shinnery, discovering a vein of gold in the hills. Katara placed it in a state of something humans call, “dibbs.” Curious colloquism – one that I do not know.

8th of Pharast
We continued southwest of the vein and happened upon a river and a bridge. I remained with the horses while the rest of the party explore the other side of the river. No notable encounters were had, and the party returned with little import. After some discussion, we decided to camp the night by the bridge, finish some inquiry on the south side of the river, and make for the bandit camp after mid-day tomorrow.

9th of Pharast
Kaltegan made short work of exploring the South side of the river and we made for the bandit camp. I will write more upon our arrival. I look forward to resting.


Abijah's Journal

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