• Abijah Arealious

    Abijah Arealious

    Abijah walks meekly for his size, clad in ornate armor, and carrying a sizeable arsenal of weaponry - most notably his decorative longsword.
  • Aecora Silverfire

    Aecora Silverfire

    The proud centaur priestess who leads the Nomen centaur tribe.
  • Baroness Katara Hakoda

    Baroness Katara Hakoda

    A young girl with bronze skin, long dark brown hair, blue eyes and a blue tribal outfit.
  • Bokken


    A hunched over, decrepit and dirty hermit parts his dirty locks to smile at you with yellowed, rotting teeth. It should also be noted that he stinks.
  • Chief Sootscale

    Chief Sootscale

    This black-scaled kobold stands proud and strong. He is decorated with trinkets of bone and stone. The skull of the last Kobold that attempted to usurp the throne from him serves now as the chief's helmet.
  • Corax


    A grizzled and grumpy logger, covered in scars from his dangerous job.
  • Councilor Svetlana Leveton

    Councilor Svetlana Leveton

    In her younger days, Svetlana must have been the apple of many boys' eyes, why she chose Oleg is a mystery to you. Her youthful beauty is hidden behind dirt and grime. Her hair is held back by a bandana.
  • Dovan from Nisroch

    Dovan from Nisroch

    A pale lanky man with a body covered in tatoos and piercings. He has a sly look in his eyes and a devilish grin on his face.
  • Elga Verniex

    Elga Verniex

    This ancient, stooped over woman has a green complexion and pointed ears, signs of the fey blood that runs deep in her viens .
  • Falchios


    This handsome, grinning man has the furry legs of a goat and a set of curling ram horns extending from his temples.
  • Garuum


    Bulbous eyes glare atop this creature's decidely toad-like head. A multitude of warts and bumps decorate its green skin.
  • General Kesten Garess

    General Kesten Garess

    Dressed in armor and garb that shouldn't be within a mercenary's price range, this dark and brooding mercenary has let his hair and beard grow out to unruly lengths.
  • Grand Diplomat Abraham Hackett

    Grand Diplomat Abraham Hackett

    A handsome man with a tongue for talent
  • High Priest Jhod Kavken

    High Priest Jhod Kavken

    A balding, kind priest of Erastil. Dressed in the typical garb of a priest of Erastil: brown cloth.
  • Jubilost Narthropple

    Jubilost Narthropple

    A flamboyant and wealthy gnome explorer.
  • Lily Teskerton

    Lily Teskerton

    A young flirtatious girl, with beautiful blue eyes and a very comely figure.
  • Loy Rezbin

    Loy Rezbin

    This ruddy friendly man is full of energy.
  • Melianse


    This small, green-skinned creature has webbed hands and feet. Its hair is the color of seaweed, and small pearls and shells are wrapped within.
  • Nix Holystone

    Nix Holystone

    The Gentleman Bomber.
  • Pervilash


    A small, butterfly-winged dragon with shining eyes and a quick wit.
  • Reginald "Darkie" von Vliet

    Reginald "Darkie" von Vliet

    A stout and dark bearded Pirate rests his hand in cutless, whilst loosing his tongue upon a throng of ale...
  • Royal Enforcer Godfrey Blackstone

    Royal Enforcer Godfrey Blackstone

    A drunken soldier who has fallen on hard times
  • Shtor


    Gnome Fighter
  • Spirit Elk

    Spirit Elk

    A powerful man with a sorrow-filled heart
  • Tartuk


    An oddly covered kobold dressed in tribal wear, always stewing and staring menacingly.
  • Tiressia


    This strange, beautiful woman has flesh that seems made of wood and vibrant hair that resembles leaves and blossoms.
  • Treasurer Oleg Leveton

    Treasurer Oleg Leveton

    Stern and somewhat unimaginative, this merchant sports simple clothing, a white apron, an awesome mustache and a bloodied bandage around his wrist.
  • Tyg-Titter-Tut


    A cat-sized fey with the upper body of a waifish humanoid and the lower body of a cricket.
  • Ubagub


    A cross between a giant frog and a sabretooth tiger. This pale frog oozes slime from its crusty back and eyes you with bulbous eyes.
  • Xavier DeClie

    Xavier DeClie

    His deep blue eyes reflect the cold, harsh reality of war; though his haughty demeanor is a disguise of a deeper, internal conflict.
  • Zzamas


    A disturbing creature with the bulbous body and spindly legs of a spider and the face of a human female.