Kingmaker Adventure Path

29th of Pharast

I returned to Oleg’s alone and no worse than before. I bore gifts for those who lost belongings along our travel. I tried to return the Dark One’s clothes and he accused me of theft. Before I could claim innocence, he drew blade. I have seen this before. He cares not my speech and wished for my blood as atonement. I dropped his garb and drew my blades as well. His words fell on deaf ears as he swung. One blade stung and the other flew wide. His Witch muttered a few words in her tongue and I felt my defenses weaken. I swung back with hardy blow and the Dark One fell. The Witch stretched out her hand towards me and flames sprung forth at me. I made quick and the fires did little more than singe. I stepped back and sheathed my blades. My fight was not with the Witch and the Dark One lay fallen. Katara climbed the table and stretched a hand towards the Dark One. Maybe she wished to know if he lived. Matters not to me as his intent for my death was clear. The Dark One rose again, blades in hand. I drew my axes in reply. He accused me yet again and I put my tomahawk away to pull out Katara’s hairpins. She claimed that they were lost long before we arrived and I offered to be placed in irons to help ease present tensions. The Dark One asked to be placed in irons as well until the truth could be revealed.



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