Kingmaker Adventure Path

27th of Pharast

Exploring has led us to a shallow part in the river and we cross over. Before us was a destroyed barrier of sorts. Three bodies laid next to one another, each missing its head. Rocks were placed where their heads should be. I heard the laughing of children as a mass of tangled vines rose before us. The one called Katara shrieked and yelled “ That’s it… the thing that killed my friends.” She ran followed by the Witch and the Dark One.

As I stood there, the mound did not move. A trick maybe? I did not know so I tempted fate and threw coin before me and offered my remedy that a creature might show itself. A small, butterfly-winged dragon appeared and swept up the coins. A cat-sized fey with the upper body of a waifish humanoid and the lower body of a cricket requested the tonic.

The shiny-eyed dragon flew up making elaborate loops and whirls and announced his name to be Pervilash. The cricket=woman named herself Tyg-Titter-Tug. They did not agree with my name and decided to call me “Mr. Biggunse.” I speak the tongue of fey folk and talked long with them in their words. They admitted to taking things from the people I am with and wished to return it to me in reward for being such “great sports.” I followed them to their nest. It is the large nest we found near a week past. They bid me rest under the safety of their home and returned the Dark One’s clothing and ivory hair pins they say belongs to the pretty girl in our care.

They announced that they witnessed the death of Katara’s friends and were responsible for conducting a “biggense fumeral,” as the stones were left as evidence to. They seem kind enough. I will rest here for the night and follow the others to Oleg’s in the morn.



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