Kingmaker Adventure Path

22nd of Pharast

Two days of exploring and all we have found is a large nest high in a tree. It appears large enough for an eagle, but I have seen none such birds. A thorn-cloaked river blocks our way forward. The Dark One strips and leaps the thorns and dives into the river. Moments later, the clothes of the drunkard where gone. There are forces here beyond our knowing. We should keep a close eye on our surroundings.

We move up the river and the Witch springs a bear trap with her leg. The thing is clamped tight. I lift the Witch and place her in the pirate’s cart. I wonder why he drags that thing everywhere. He even charges for its use. A coin for everything the man does. He honors nothing he cannot charge a price for. A man that worships coin loses his shirt. Fitting! The Dark One, the young beauty, and I spend the day setting the traps. I take three. They may be of use if time is right. We are took make for Oleg’s come day break.



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