Kingmaker Adventure Path

20th of Pharast

Four days and the merchants continue west. Our goal lies a few miles to the south. Here – far too close to Numeria – we part ways. This merchant’s fort seems well guarded and these armed make me uneasy. A Dark and brooding man with unruly hair and beard announces himself as Kesten Garess. My eye does not leave him as he resumes his duties. These men are not dressed as those that killed my people. Maybe they are more honest than those of my homeland. Time will reveal more to me.

Owners Oleg and Svetlana Leveton introduce themselves. Times must be hard on the frontier. Oleg is gruff of speech and comes across as uncaring and cold. Svetlana’s beauty is hidden behind dirt and grime. She is quiet, but strong of spirit.

A young woman helps Svetlana with the serving of meals. Surely this is no place to raise young without a larger family. Quiet and sweet like Svetlana, the young beauty reveals herself to be Katara, an adventurer who lost her friends to a terrible creature some ten days back. She caught me staring, but she simply smiled and continued to help serve.

I sat with an elderly man with balding brown hair. His garbs were of a simple brown cloth. The kind old man is Jhod Kavken, a traveling cleric of the Patient Hunter. He tells me of a trapper that has become crazed and may have joined with bandits. I take note; we will see this wayward soul set straight. We only just arrived when the Dark One starts shouting for a strong drink. The Witch sits with him, but remains quiet.

Rest is much needed.



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