Kingmaker Adventure Path

Pharast 2, 4710

The day of exploration held uneventful, though our return to Oleg’s was a matter of excitement. Kesten Garess, a dark and brooding man, had arrived leading a small troop of soldiers. Memory recalls that Kesten was born of the noble Garess House, but an embarrassing incident with a low-born woman, had left him in his father’s shame and leading a mercenary’s life. I offered my respects regardless of his current station (as he may yet hold some sway among the great houses) and pledged to hunt these bandits like dogs upon his blessing. Kesten is agreeable, though he informed us that there is to be one among them that he wished alive. Falgrim Sneed. A former brother-in-arms to Kesten, Falgrim betrayed his post and now led a life of crime. I believe Kesten wishes to carry out Falgrim’s sentence personally. I am satisfied to oblige.

Pharast 1, 4710

When early morn arrived, our trap was already set. Kaltegan spotted the raiders off in the distance: a small band of four on horses. We allowed them to fully enter the post, before Abijah and I shoved a cart, blocking the path out. If we are trapped, they are trapped with us. The tactic worked flawlessly. We managed to catch them by surprise. In a matter of moments, the bowman, who they proclaimed their leader, laid dead next to two other bandits. The last bandit surrendered to Abijah, who secured him in chains and placed him in a compost pit. Kaltegan and Katara managed to calm and stable the horses. The resources collected were displayed across the table and we claimed what we wished. The rest was given to Oleg to help rebuild his stock. In agreement with Oleg’s wishes, I aided him in stringing up the dead bandits and hung them from the South palisade wall. I retired the rest of my day to create more powder and hone a few more projectiles. Katara wished to observe my skill, to which I did not object. She seemed fascinated by my work as it must seem as different to her as the magics of the temple and the tower are to me.

Abijah and Kaltegan questioned the remaining bandit and deemed his information worthy. There is an encampment to the South, and there lies our first objective. Kaltegan wishes to head straight towards these bandits and put an end to them immediately. I refused to leave these people without guard. We put it to a vote and we came to an impasse. Two against two. After much deliberation, we agreed to survey the immediate area, as none among us were able hunters. Kaltegan seemed brash and disregards the lives we just saved. Abijah simply loves his brother too much to be levied by reason. Katara was my only advocate for staying until the announced reinforcements arrived. I am liking this young woman more with each passing day.

Calistril 28, 4710

Four days since we began our journey and the last member to our troop has all but eluded me. I admit I had been looking for warriors, but this copper skinned woman with the voice of a child is to be our fourth. She fascinates and befuddles me. Kind of heart and a beauty that rivals the elves, she is almost out of place among these lands. Katara Hakoda is from the Lake of Mists and Veils in northern Brevoy, but her skin is far too dark for any I have come in contact from that region.

Our arrival at Oleg’s Trading Post was celebrated by our hosts. Svetlana, a beauty hidden behind the dirt and grime of life on the frontier, mistook us for the troops requested of Restov. She informed us of a dozen or so bandits that have been regularly besetting the post and leaving them with little in ways of survival. Oleg, a stern man, had sustained a serious injury during the last attack. The bandits made off with an item of great personal value, Svetlana’s wedding ring. Oleg attempted to stop them when an axe wielding woman nearly lopped his hand off.

We are all in agreement that we need to help these people. Katara saw to Oleg’s arm, hoping to do more than what has already been done. Kind indeed. Abijah and I plotted a trap for these would be tormentors, while Kaltegan observed the surroundings. We will not be unprepared when these miscreants arrive on the morrow.

Calistril 24, 4710

Here begins the account of Xavier DeClie.

Watch led to a long night, followed by receipt of this charter. This is to be a rough day. I joined the arranged caravan just as they were leaving Restov. There are too many people here to yet know whom I shall call on for aid when the need arises. I am to meet up with three others, but for now, I will pass for one of the caravan guards.

I’ve noticed an individual of some worth. Heavily armored and well equipped. He should serve well this cause of clearing the southern lands of bandits. At camp, I introduced myself to the fellow. He is… agreeable. If not for the word he preaches, I might take a liking to this able bodied warrior. He announced himself as Abijah Arealious, Templar of the Inheritor and Harbinger of Honor, Justice and Valor. He then began to recant several scriptures from the Acts of Iomedae, at which point I lost interest in our conversation. I do not question that the gods grant individuals of this world great powers, though the gods did not answer the cries of my youth, and gods be damned if I bend a knee to them now. I’ll tolerate his rambling as I do not wish to ever oppose him. Men and women of the cloth can be powerful allies.

It did not surprise me when he introduced his brother to be an elf. Abijah’s slightly pointed ears betrayed an elven heritage. Unlike his brother, Kaltegan was a pure-blood. The long, pointed ears, lithe frame, haughty, high-born attitude, eyes that seemed to glow with the magics well known to a member of his species; no, Kaltegan was in no way the warrior that Abijah had obviously become. Elves have proven accurate archers or masters of the arcane arts. Either way, if I am to accept one, I must accept the other. Kaltegan is always quiet. Seldom does he speak, except for in the solitude of his brother. A man of few words or many secrets, it is too early to know if I can trust this one.


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