Kingmaker Adventure Path

Here ends Book 1...

On account of the holiday season, Kingmaker has been put on a brief hiatus. It will resume after the New Year with the next Book in the Kingmaker Adventure Path: Book 2, Rivers Run Red!

See you next year for more adventures in the Stolen Lands!

11th of Sarenith

Once back at Oleg’s Trading Post, Kesten took custody of Falgrim Sneeg. A grin stretched Kesten’s face as he escorted the captive beyond the walls and out of sight. Falgrim pleaded us not to let Kesten take him. If his crimes cost Kesten his station, then no man could stay what was to come. Oleg, Svetlana, and the others were pleased to see us. Our return began talks of a celebration. The Stolen Lands had been liberated from the bandit influence and word was sent to Restov. Svetlana prepared a great meal and we ate ‘til our eyes grew heavy. A rare indulgence. Surely Erastil could forgive such after the trials we have been through.

9th of Sarenith

We flung the Stag Lords body into the waters of Nettles Crossing. A corpse rose from the waters to drag the dead down.

8th of Sarenith

We returned to the fort. Nix used the magic dust from the mite tree to change his appearance to that of our attackers. I feigned his captive and we approached the main gate. Katara and Wade headed to the south wall to climb in behind the bandits as we drew their attention to the north gate. We held brief conversation with a bandit lieutenant. Our ruse seemed to work and we were allowed in the gate. But the moment we stepped inside, the bandits attacked. We were ready for such. Nix released me and took aim on the big one. I turned my blade against one and fell him in a single blow. The lesser of the men fell quickly and I looked and saw a man lurking in the shadows. This bandit I recognized, the one that raped my sister and murdered my people. He released a great beast. Bear and owl combined into a defiler of nature, the creature tore into one of the bandits. This thing served no master and killed for the blood. I could not take on the tattooed man as I desired, for this fell beast threatened all. I was left little choice but to attack the beast head on. We traded blow after brutal blow when an arrow bore deep into my side. I looked up to see a tall man dressed in leather gloves and his chest left bare. On his head, he wears a helmet fashioned after the skull of a stag. This must be the Stag Lord. I may have been able to take this demon bear in single combat, but not with a pest buzzing around. Arrow, beak, and claw took their toll on my bruised and broken body. Withdraw to live or stay to die, I had no choice. I fled around a wall to drink a healing tonic. As I began to feel strength return to me, I saw the owlbear chase after Nix, tossing bombs over his shoulder as he raced through the fort’s front gate. Then, the Stag Lord stepped into view and an arrow pierced me. My eyes felt… heavy. Once again, I awoke to Katara’s lovely face. I was to protect her, but she has always been there when I have fallen. Battle stirred me to my senses. The Stag Lord is all that is left and Nix, Wade, and the lieutenant were standing against the man in combat. I ran full power at the man and buried my axe deep. Katara conjured another orb of water, but the bandit dodged and it was, much to my dismay, Wade that struck the final blow. I sank to the ground and breathed relief. A search of the fort revealed much: trade goods, jewels, trinkets of war, all shall be put to a good cause, though to what end has yet been revealed to us.

The lieutenant introduced himself as Akiros and he admitted that the life of a bandit was not for him. He wished to leave this life behind him and so we allowed him to journey with us back to Oleg’s.

3rd of Sarenith

Heavy injuries forced us to return to Oleg’s to restock and lick our wounds. Routed and on the brink of defeat, if the bandits had dared follow, we may not have lived the night.

2nd of Sarenith

We returned to the southern fort. We planned to climb the west wall after nightfall, to take the fort by surprise. The surprise was turned on us as shallow graves gave up the dead in them. As corpse after corpse rose, bandits gathered on the ramparts to watch us battle. One by one, they gathered on the wall and took aim on us. Arrows from above and corpses from below, this night lost. I managed to claim the lives of a few and lost my tomahawks in the process. Katara conjured a giant orb of water and sent the final undead back to their graves. This attack is lost. We shall return to take the fort another night.

31st of Desnus

Oleg’s Trading Post. The worn sign has become a familiar landmark in this vast land. A place of refuge against the wilds beyond the walls. And these peoples I journey with, varied as they are, have become family to me. Nix Holystone acts as one of formal education and elegant speech no matter the challenge before us. Katara Hakoda, the young, sweet girl that I have taken as my charge. I believe her older than she appears; her knowledge and abilities exceeds one so young. And then there is Wade… At times annoying and devilishly cunning at others. When he place a broad-brimmed straw hat on the dead troll and sent it afloat in a row boat, I swore it must have been fever from my injuries. He began singing a festive tune in a foreign tongue as the creature floated away. Different as they may be, they are my tribe and I must do right by them.

25th of Desnus

We avoided a fort set on a hill and overlooking a great lake to continue our exploring of the southern borders of our charge.

23rd of Desnus

A troll blocked our path. Wade yelled for evasive maneuvers and jumped past a tree. I attacked the creature that the others may go unnoticed. The foul beast hit hard. Vision blurred and for a moment I thought there to be a second troll. I fell at the creature’s feet. I know not what happened next, save that I awoke in Katara’s hands. Truly a gifted healer.

20th of Desnus

Death and rot took hold of a forest clearing. The cause is a dead unicorn, desecrated and left for dead, its horn broken and missing. Katara inspected the creature. There are no visible wounds and its eyes are milked over, blind at the time of death. The entire area feels me with unease. There is evil magic at foot here. Those who did this shall pay for destroying such a sacred creature. I built a funeral pyre and commended the poor creature’s spirit back to the gods that gave it breath. The Spirit Father is in all things and gives us breathe. The Earth Mother gave birth to us; she nourishes us; that which we put into the ground shall return to us. May the ashes of this sacred creature be spread across the winds and replenish the lands.


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