Kingmaker Adventure Path

12th of Gozran

We happened upon a mine. Our new friend saw something and darted into the shrubs around the mine. Instinct told me to do the same. Katara tripped trying to follow. The noise alerted something in the cave. A yelp filled the air. I drew weapon for what may exit. A lizard creature appeared. No more than knee high, it called out to talk with us. Nix must have recognized the creature and began talking in a strange tongue. Nix told us to follow as the scaled creature entered the dark of the entrance. Dimly lit, we followed, still at the ready for what may jump out at us. Snakes are crafty and these creatures appear some distant kin. One scaled in black scolded the one we followed. Some dispute came of me bearing weapons, or so Nix told me. Reluctantly, I put my axes away. Nix and the Black Chief spoke in the strange tongue while I made known my surroundings. Nix relayed that we could help these beings by returning an ivory idol, a statue of some reptile god. We agree and head north.
Bodies litter the ground, reptile and fey, in what must have been months of battle. The little blue creatures, Mites, were our quarry. A dead tree towered atop a lone hill. A door hidden among its roots. Prepared for war, I knocked, kicking the door down. Falling back, ready for what was to come, nothing happened. I lit a torch and cautiously entered. Katara and Nix followed. Our decent came to a choice in the path.
“When in doubt, go right.” Nix said with smile and a wink.
Right indeed. The first opening we came across was a breeding ground for giant centipedes. Foul, dangerous vermin. A lone mite was feeding three of these overgrown bugs. Thunder echoed through the opening as a burst of fire swallowed the mite and kissed the centipedes. I followed the amazing feat of magics with brutal intention. My axe fell on of the vermin, but I swung the torch all too brash, breaking the wood and snuffing the flame. We were in complete darkness. Katara saved us, by creating light as Nix and I slayed the last two abominations of nature. I lit another torched and moved towards the purpose of destroying this breeding chamber. No more giants would crawl out of this den.
Further in, we discover mites tormenting a kobold. This time, we had advantage. I rushed felling one. Nix hit the mites around me with one of his magic orbs. Another one dropped and the others fled, two across a ravine and one down another hallway. Good to know what my allies are capable of. We released the kobold from his binds and Katara revived it. Gracious, it was eager to help us. We tracked the one down a corridor to a workshop of sorts. Here, one set upon us a contraption similar to a miniature catapult. A trickster’s trinket more than a weapon. These three were a trifle nuisance. We made short work of them and moved on. Crossing the ravine proved a painful annoyance. Some handholds were rigged to let go. I faltered, but managed to hang on. The kobold, who I was trying to carry across, fell 20 feet to the bottom. A giant centipede wiggled out of the vines looking for an easy meal. One was not to be had of our new friend. The creature pulled me down. At least it had to fight me to get at the kobold. Instead, it turned on Nix and Katara. I threw tomahawks to keep it from harming her. Nix and Katara managed just as well. We dropped the thing before real harm could be done. I carried the kobold up the ravine and Katara revived it once more.
Once across, we entered the mites’ main lair. One larger mite mounted atop a large tick ordered the other six around as we entered. I charged the vermin reaching deep inside for a fierce war cry. Amidst my roar, the only one word came to bear… “SPOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!” It would have to do as we battled the creatures. All fell before us. I bore the weight of combat taking all the wounds of our side. We found a number of kobold sized spears, a sack of coins, the kobold’s totem, and a war map. Nix mixes an elixir and reads the strange markings on the map. One column marked “Us” listed kobold statue, spears, and coins. The other column labeled “Them” listed magic dust, coins, and shiny human ring. Katara believes this ring may be Svetlana’s missing wedding ring. Nix finds this an agreeable course of action.
At camp, Nix scribbled a few notes referencing a series of books, sharing a title.
The Lord of the Round Finger Jewelry
-Friendship of the Band
-the Tower and the Other Tower
-the Comeback of the Ruling Man

11th of Gozran

Shortly into our day, a body floated by in the river, face down. I looked at Katara and saw her desire. I dove into the river to retrieve the body. It had life yet in it, as it was still warm. The water was cool and refreshing. Katara drew the water out of the man with her magic. Strange magic she holds, but her heart is kind. The man coughed as air replaced the water in his lungs. He said he had come to these lands with others, but none were found. I took this rare opportunity to bath in the river and fill our skins. We charted the area with our new friend, Nix Holystone. We camped a little more than a stone’s throw from the abandoned Oaktop Silver Mine. We intend to explore the mine on the morrow.

10th of Gozran

Morning light revealed to Katara the two had gone. She questioned me as to where they went. I beckon her eat and all I tell her is that they are gone.

“The bad people will not harm you White Swan. Not anymore.”

Katara asked me who White Swan was. My thoughts must have been loud as I did not recall saying that name. I held back tear and rage as I told her of my people. I told of my beloved little sister and what the bad people had done to her; people like the Dark One. I dared not follow the others, but it was foolhardy not to know where they went. I tracked their movements west. They continued beyond the edge of our travels the day before. Then Katara and I made clear marks to the south, should they try and follow. The bear traps would work well for a trap in the underbrush. We made tracks that led further past the traps before we turned to the east. I made every effort to disguise our tracks. We camped before entering new land.

9th of Gozran

We have come to an area where the thorn protected river joins with a river where horribly shrieking birds are nesting. The only good is this area holds a shallow ford in the rivers allowing easy crossing. We made camp far away from the birds or we may not sleep at all.

The Dark One has been uneasy. His temper is less settled without hard drink and little better with. The Whispering One speaks in the Dark’s ear when she believes no one is listening. I hear what she has to say though. The Dark One seeks only gold and the Whispering One moves only to serve his purpose. She may have laid a healing hand on me, but there is a darkness within her. They spoke of leaving to join up with the one that is called the Stag Lord. Katara has done no wrong and deserves better company. I, however, have my own sins to atone for. I will not let harm come to Katara after what I have witnessed to my own blood. Leave if they must; no evil shall befall her.

Nightfall was deep upon us and the Whispering One moved with the shadows. The Dark One was less quite, but Katara held fast to sleep. The two gathered their portion of camp and the Dark One began to move towards Katara and her belongings. I rose and readied my axe. The Dark One saw me and began to draw his blade.

“There is unfinished business between you and I,” he rumbled in a low gruff voice.

The Whispering One placed a hand to him. “He will fall in due time. Now is not the time Reginald. Come, We will leave them to the dangers of the wilds.” Her dark eyes rested on Katara for a moment. If not for startling Katara, I would have gouged the witch’s evil eyes from her head. The Dark One replaced his half-drawn blade and grudgingly left the area. I held watch through the night, fearing their return.

7th of Gozran

The day was well spent. Hunting proved useful, providing each of us a week’s worth of rations.

6th of Gozran

After two days of journey, we are seen back to Oleg’s unharmed. For the boar’s head, I claimed the full prize at the cost of future reward. A heavy price, but worth the effort. Jhod was eager of the news of the temple and is soon to head there himself. He has offered his healing to us freely. We plan to hunt on the morrow as supplies are low.

4th of Gozran

I traded my horse to the Dark One to gain his support to continue south before returning. Eager for payment, he agreed. The forest south of the temple indeed held the prize I was looking for. The Tuskgutter! It fell under our blades. Unwanted, the Dark One aided. Remembering that he saved me by defeating the bear a day ago, I do not accuse him. He claimed the meat and I claimed the creature’s head. At first light, we will journey back to Oleg’s.

3rd of Gozran

We stumbled upon a ruin. Large moss covered boulders and a carved pool flooded with algae. A cliff face branched out in the seeming facade of a deer’s antlers, framing the cavernous entrance. We had found the Lost Temple of the Elk. At the warning of Jhod’s visions, we readied ourselves for battle. I approached the entrance to the cave. A bear charged out and dug a claw in me. I planted both axes in the grizzly creature and it turned its full fury towards me. I know not what happened as I lie on the cold stone. When I awoke, the area was a little brighter. Full of color. The one I have called witch bandaged my wounds. For this, I will learn her name. The Dark One dove into the pool, clear of growth. Katara suggested that I take a dip in the pool as well. The women helped me lower into the refreshing waters. My wounds began to close and strength returned to my soul.

2nd of Gozran

We found a spring that was pungent to smell. Two frogs seemed to grow large in this murky water. The Dark One hurled himself at the creatures and sunk to his shoulders in the stagnant waters. He managed to slay the beasts as my arrows did not hold true to their flight. The day belonged to the Dark One.

30th of Pharast

After a restful sleep, tempers cooled and I expressed great want to hunt the boar called Tuskgutter. The morning served us well in our effort. With gathered food and strength, we left under the mid-day sun. We arrived in the area formerly plagued by traps. Each set about their own shelter and my friends paid us visit. Tyg-Titter-Tut and Pervilash became known the others. The creatures told us of where the Temple of the Elk was to be found and that the creature Tuskgutter was even further south. The body we had found was true to be the Trapper Breeg and it was this fey-dragon that saw to his end. Pervilash claimed it a prank gone wrong. As no proof holds his words false, he is to be trusted. The cricket-lady asked for a song and the Dark One belched out a tune about drink, ships, and women. It was not unpleasing, yet still Tyg-Titter-Tut spoke praise of the Dark One’s ability. They will stay with us the night.


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