Kingmaker Adventure Path

5th of Desnus

We came across a stocky, muscular mammal, its snarling lips revealing a mouth full of yellow teeth. Before any could act, Wade leapt from Katara’s horse into a tree. The first sign of battle and he flees. Nix took careful aim and dropped the thylacine with a single bolt. Wade climbed out of the tree, griping that the beast was right where he wanted it until we went and mess everything up. I tire of his constant talking.

Our day was be filled with an interesting twist, the stagnant Skunk river was near dammed by branches, debris and even bodies. This water supply is not only poisoned by the sulfur that leaks out the spring, but these bodies breed disease and decay. A serpentine creature laid on a small sandy island, bathing in the sun. Nix and Wade both let bolts fly killing the creature before it had a chance to act. I spotted another just under the water ready to ambush any that tried to cross makeshift ford. Leaping to the island, the creature broke under the weight of my axe. I began claiming Oleg’s trophies while Nix searched the bodies of the river. We used this area to cross and continue our journey.

4th of Desnus

A talking bush startled us. The voice claimed to be a mercenary, but would not quiet its mouth about its exploits. I have never heard of a Wade bush. I doubt it has done all it has said it has. How can a bush move, much less kill so much without being set ablaze? It asked to join us. The last sword-for-hire that traveled with us hurt our progress and still leaves a stink about us. I was silent as Nix and Katara agreed. To my surprise, a child stepped out. He spoke with the words of a man and his face bore the scars of a rough life. Truly he had seen battle, but what was his capability? He boasted of what he could do, but words do not measure actions. Time will be his true test.

3rd of Desnus

Our travels have yielded little of note. It is a welcome rest, but too long of a slumber makes the body stiff. A great marsh spreads far to the west. We pass by them. We are not meant for those lands anyway.

30th of Gozran

We began to explore the westbound edge of this land. Amidst a patch of blackberries, a burial marker with no name, once honored and now forgotten. I prayed for this spirit to be known in the Great Hunting grounds.

27th of Gozran

We mapped the northern edge of these lands with nothing more than scribbles on Katara’s map. Time had come for the armor I asked for to be at Oleg’s. Waiting on us was also a chest containing gold. A letter made mention of no longer reporting the Sootscales as a threat.

19th of Gozran
After weeks away, we returned to Oleg’s. Svetlana had much happiness seeing her wedding ring once more. We made report to Kesten. The Kobold alliance came with much relief. A deep breath let out, “One less threat in these lands. Let us hope it is not replaced by another.”
18th of Gozran

We found the hut of the misplaced hermit, Bokken. His friendly ramblings revealed little other than he want fang berries and his brother dead.

16th of Gozran
A large tree had been struck down from heaven’s wrath. Its roots bared items useful to Nix, but nothing more.
15th of Gozran
The heavens rumbled as a jagged bolt of light struck the sky, then cracked in two. Tears fell from burdened clouds of mournful grey. I could feel the waters whispering to me as it slid down my chin, falling back to the ground. The river moved with renewed strength. I could not swim across this time.

‘Nettle’s Crossing
Toll 5 Copper
Ring Bell For Service’

Ropes were all that were left. I placed my pieces at the sign and moved slowly onto the ropes. The dead walked the water and bid us warning. It wants the Stag Lord’s body to be thrown into the river to suffer as the figure had before. We left, daring not to cross.

14th of Gozran

I asked Nix to question Mikmek, our dragonling friend, of Sootscale and Tartuk. My gut aches over these two. Again Nix took the strange words of the creature. Many words were spoken, and little knowledge gained. Tribesmen look to a warrior for strength and a shaman for wisdom. These two were at odds within the Sootscale.
Nakpik did not greet us when we returned. The new post told us that Nakpik had been sacrificed by Tartuk to grant us favor with their god. Erastil and Gozreh may share favor, but a dragon god does not guide me! Sootscale had his kobolds gathered at the King Seat. Nix spoke the strange words as patience left me. Tartuk showed from behind the curtain of furs. Before I could cut him down, Nix toss him the idol. Ka-BOOM! Ears rang and eyes blurred as the idol erupted in strange magics. Nix had done this before with the mites. And again rang another blast and Tartuk vanished. Could this Nix be so powerful to leave no trace of the victim behind? I know not, but Tartuk is gone. A collection of writings told the misfortunes of Tartuk and a former life. Nix knows these strange marks and his secrets are many. Sootscale was glad to be rid of the traitor kobold and swore oath to us.


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