Elga Verniex

This ancient, stooped over woman has a green complexion and pointed ears, signs of the fey blood that runs deep in her viens .


Old Female human sorcerer 7
Alignment Neutral
Deity Nethys
Age 68
WT 80 lbs
HT 4’2"
HAIR White (what’s left of it)
EYES Black


A small swamp on the southeast bank of the Tuskwater is the domain of a mysterious crone named Elga Verniex, known to travelers as the Old Beldame. Most of the denizens of the southern Greenbelt believe the old woman to be a hag and call her the Swamp Witch, believing (falsely) that she sold her soul to a demon or devil for malign powers. Any time a child goes missing, the Swamp Witch is blamed, and her legend is commonly used to scare said children into behaving well or finishing their suppers. In reality, the Old Beldame isn’t a witch at all, just a bitter old woman who likes her privacy, though her magical powers are legitimate. An enchanted Scarecrow guards her yard from any unwanted, or unannounced, visitors.

The PCs stumbled upon Elga’s hut and after some sweet talking on the part of Katara, they were allowed to come inside to talk to her.

When the PCs returned to their capital city, they asked Elga to be a part of their ruling council and she accepted. She now serves as the Magister of the kingdom’s higher learning.

During the owlbear attack on the city, Elga and Fiddlesticks stumbled upon Iolana and Darkie as the pair were robbing the treasury. Elga tried to stop them, but was overpowered and killed by the duo.

She was a bitter old woman, who enjoyed privacy.

Elga Verniex

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