Councilor Svetlana Leveton

In her younger days, Svetlana must have been the apple of many boys' eyes, why she chose Oleg is a mystery to you. Her youthful beauty is hidden behind dirt and grime. Her hair is held back by a bandana.


Human Expert 2
Alignment Neutral Good
Deity Erastil
Age 31
WT 120 lbs
HT 5’1"
HAIR Brown
EYES Brown


Svetlana was the daughter of merchant in Restov. She had many admirers as a young girl, but she chose the hand of an aspiring merchant named Oleg Leveton The two would later move to the Stolen Lands to rebuild an abandoned military fort as a trading post.

Within months of their opening for business, the post came under attack by local bandits. During one of these attacks, the bandits stole Svetlana’s wedding ring and nearly cut off Oleg’s hand. After this attack, the couple decided to contact the authorities of Restov and ask for security.

When the PCs were establishing their fledgling kingdom, Svetlana was the first person they approached to be a part of their ruling council. Katara convinced the timid shopkeeper’s wife that serving as the voice of the people would be the perfect job for her. Svetlana accepted and is happy to help.

Svetlana is a quiet woman of the frontier, quiet, but very strong. These past few months in the Stolen Lands have hardened the former city girl. With the PCs at their fort and the bandit attacks on the decline, Svetlana feels comfort and security that she hasn’t felt since she lived in Restov.

Councilor Svetlana Leveton

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