A small, butterfly-winged dragon with shining eyes and a quick wit.


Male Faerie Dragon
Tiny Dragon
Alignment Chaotic Good
Deity Cayden Cailean
HAIR none
EYES Orange


Pervilash lives an easy life in the Stolen Lands forest, playing tricks and participating in competitions with his grig companion, Tyg-Titter-Tut. He is quite fond of doing loops in the air while flying, sipping wine and mead (but not beer!), and perching on the heads or hats of friendly “biggenses”.

When Abijah, Kaltegan, Katara, and Xavier first wandered into the Narlmarches, the excitable fey decided to play pranks on them. They fey continued to prank the PCs and followed them across the Narlmarches. The fey were present when the PCs met their untimely demise at the vines of a “shambler” and could only watch in horror as they were torn apart. When the shambler had left, the fey gathered the bodies and conducted a “fumeral” as biggenses are keen to do.

When Katara returned with Iolana, Reginald “Darkie” von Vliet and Warpath, the fey decided to play a big trick on them and scared the biggenses away except for the biggest biggense, “”/characters/warpath" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mr. Biggense". Tyg and Pervilash both found this biggense to be fun, so they invited him back to their nest, where they provided him with all the objects the fey had stolen.

After following their biggenses and planning a series of pranks on them, Pervilash and Tyg watched as their friends battled their way through a village of lizardfolk. Not capable fighters, the fey watched until a powerful Will-O-Wisp emerged and nearly killed their three remaining friends. Pervilash and Tyg sacrificed themselves so their friends could escape. They died heroes.

Pervilash is a fun-loving creature, who dislikes violence and bandits, mainly because they are so violent.


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