Treasurer Oleg Leveton

Stern and somewhat unimaginative, this merchant sports simple clothing, a white apron, an awesome mustache and a bloodied bandage around his wrist.


Male Human Expert 2
Alignment Chaotic Good
Deity Erastil
Age 40
WT 215 lbs
HT 5’6"
HAIR Brown
EYES Brown


Oleg Leveton is the husband of Svetlana Leveton and owner of the only established trading post this deep into the Stolen Lands and frequents trappers, hunters and adventurers alike. The fort is nothing more than a refurbished border fort from a failure to establish a foothold in the wild years ago. Shortly after rebuilding the fort and moving his business into the Stolen Lands, Oleg became the target of bandit attacks. For the past few months, Oleg has been harassed and attacked by the bandits.

During one such attack, the bandits took Svetlana’s wedding ring and nearly chopped off Oleg’s hand. This attack was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the Levetons decided to contact the authorities in Restov.

Weeks later, instead of receiving the security they asked for, the Levetons found themselves playing host to a band of adventurers with orders from Restov to survey the land. Oleg was not particularly fond of the idea of reckless adventurers prowling around his wild, but after the party helped repel the bandits, he warmed up to them, even offering them free room and board during their travels.

Oleg may come across as gruff, uncaring and cold, but if one gets to know Oleg, they would see a warm side of him that few have seen.

Treasurer Oleg Leveton

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