This small, green-skinned creature has webbed hands and feet. Its hair is the color of seaweed, and small pearls and shells are wrapped within.


Melianse has lived in the Narlmarches for many years, calling a small pond next to the Skunk River and the nearby trees her closest friends.

Recently, a band of loggers have invaded her home and have set about cutting down the surrounding forest. At first, Melianse attempted to scare away the loggers by using spells like ghost sound and fog, but the loggers persisted and continued to fell more trees. The loggers forced Melianse to become more proactive in her defense and she charmed two loggers and used the charmed loggers to defend her home. The lead logger, Corax, threatened to drag the nixie from the water and leave her to drip dry, but the charmed loggers defended their new master from all attacks.

When the PCs arrived on the scene, Melianse and Corax explained their positions and the PCs agreed to coerce Melianse to release the loggers if they could replace her trees.

Melianse is a spirit of nature, fighting against those who would harm it.


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