General Kesten Garess

Dressed in armor and garb that shouldn't be within a mercenary's price range, this dark and brooding mercenary has let his hair and beard grow out to unruly lengths.


Male Human Fighter 4
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity None
Age 28
WT 185 lbs
HT 5’5"
HAIR Brown
EYES Brown


Kesten is a member of the noble Garess house of Brevoy. After an embarrassing incident with a low-born daughter of a merchant, Kesten’s father disowned him and shunned him from the noble family. Kesten left to pursue life as a mercenary in Restov. Upon hearing of a job to protect a trading post in the Stolen Lands, Kesten took the job in hopes of finding his old brothers-in-arms and traitor Falgrim Sneeg. Upon meeting the PCs, Kesten offered them a reward if they could return Sneeg to him alive.

When approached by the PCs to be part of the ruling council in their new kingdom, Kesten initially turned down their request. After some additional prodding and a small amount of gold slipped into his pocket by Nix, Kesten agreed to help the PCs and serve as General.

Kesten is dark and brooding, keeping to himself and his guard duties most of the time.

General Kesten Garess

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