High Priest Jhod Kavken

A balding, kind priest of Erastil. Dressed in the typical garb of a priest of Erastil: brown cloth.


Male Human Cleric 5
Alignment Neutral Good
Deity Erastil
Age 45
WT 174 lbs
HT 5’4"
HAIR Brown (balding)
EYES Brown


A traveling cleric and hunter who heard of the charters’ to explore the Stolen Lands. He has come to Oleg’s Trading Post to offer his help to the adventurers bearing the charter.

When the PCs approached him to join the ranks of their ruling council for their fledgling kingdom, Jhod was hesitant at first. It was Warpath, reasoning with the priest as a fellow worshiper of Erastil, that finally convinced Jhod to become the High Priest of Nicenia.

Jhod is a friendly man, but there seems to be worry and fear behind those old eyes of his.

High Priest Jhod Kavken

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