After spending a short time in the Stolen Lands and finding there was no money to be made, Darkie and Iolana decided to move on in search of a more profitable place to lurk in.

A little over a year after they disappeared, Ioalana and Darkie resurfaced in Dhunmoor and made the PCs an offer to help them rule their kingdom. After some hesitation and discussion, the PCs relented and allowed the two to join the ruling council. Iolana served as the Magister of the kingdom’s higher learning until she was replaced by Elga Verniex and promoted to the role of Grand Diplomat.

When an enraged owlbear attacked Dhunmoor, Iolana and Darkie seized the opportunity. After raiding a significant amount of gold from the kingdom treasury, the duo made to flee the kingdom. They were caught in the act however, by Elga Verniex and her scarecrow Fiddlesticks. The encounter was brief, but bloody, ending with Elga Verniex dead. The duo has fled the kingdom and their current whereabouts are unknown.


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