Bulbous eyes glare atop this creature's decidely toad-like head. A multitude of warts and bumps decorate its green skin.


Male Bogard warrior 3
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity Gorgunta
WT 200 lbs
HT 5’ 0"
HAIR none
EYES Green


Garuum was simple, but rather ambitious boggard that once lived in the The Hooktongue Slough. He was considerably less violent than his boggard brethren, but nonetheless had a deep desire to rule in his heart. One day, Garuum decided to usurp the boggard clan’s priest-king, Sepoko. In order to prepare for his one-boggard coup, he gathered and devoured several dozen of the tribe’s sacred blue dragonflies, hoping to gain great power and skill from the insects. Alas, while the feast bolstered his self-confidence, it did nothing for his battle skills. He rode his slurk into the center of the tribe and declared war, whereupon Sepoko immediately captured him and sentenced him and his slurk to death after a day of humiliating punishment.

Fortunately for Garuum, luck had not entirely deserted him. He was placed in a den, but his captors soon lost track of him after growing insensibly drunk on bog whiskey. Late in the evening, after the moon sank to shadow, he escaped his bonds by using a rock to pulverize his left hand in order to tear it free from his manacle, then freed his slurk and fled eastward into the Narlmarches.

After some time, Garuum and Ubagub found a pair of abandoned ruins deep in the Narlmarches and Garuum claimed this small territory as his “kingdom”. Garuum has often clashed with bandits, monsters and other dwellers of the forest in defending his small kingdom.

Garuum is wary of most things, a caution born from his failed coup in the Hooktongue Slough. Although, after being befriended by the PCs, Garuum allows himself to consider the PCs as friends (even if he doesn’t speak their language) and will even let them pass through his “kingdom”.


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