This handsome, grinning man has the furry legs of a goat and a set of curling ram horns extending from his temples.


Male Satyr
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity Cayden Cailean
WT 118 lbs
HT 4’3"
HAIR Brown
EYES Brown


Falchios and his lover, the dryad Tiressia, have long lived in peace in their small corner of the Narlmarches for many years… until now! Recently, an evil, carnivorous and intelligent plant named a Scythe Tree has taken to preying on the fey couple, wishing to dine on Tiressia’s dryad flesh. In a desperate attempt to save his lover and drive the tree away, Falchios was gravely injured. When the evil plant retreated, Tiressia retreated into her oak tree to weep and lament for her situation, knowing that the tree would return, but that they would not be able to stop its next attack. Falchios struggled with leaving his lover to save his own life, but eventually decided to enlist aid from the nearby fledgling kingdom that the lovers had heard of from their faerie dragon friend, Pervilash.

Free-spirited, but very gruff in demeanor. He is the brooding protector to compliment Tiressia’s seemingly endless fountain of joy.


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