Dovan from Nisroch

A pale lanky man with a body covered in tatoos and piercings. He has a sly look in his eyes and a devilish grin on his face.


A mysterious figure from Warpath’s past. Warpath has been hunting Dovan for years in order to exact retribution for the death of his sister.

Until Akiros usurped the role, Dovan was comfortably the second-in-command of the fort. Secretly pleased with the Stag Lord’s alcoholism, Dovan has been actively encouraging the man to drink, for as long as the Stag Lord is in his cups, more power over the bandits rest in Dovan’s hands. Dovan himself is a mystery to the bandits – a dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for pain and cruelty. All they know of him is that he hails from Nisroch.

Dovan from Nisroch

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