A grizzled and grumpy logger, covered in scars from his dangerous job.


Corax is the leader of a band of freelance loggers who recently decided to harvest a grove of coachwood trees in a glade near the Skunk River, unaware that a nixie sorceress lived in a pool nearby. The nixie did not take kindly to the loggers despoiling her home and attempted to scare the loggers off with spells such as ghost sound and fog. When that tactic failed, Melianse charmed two of the lumberjacks into standing guard at her pool and keeping the lumberjacks from continuing their job.

Since both men are good workers, Corax has resisted the urge to cut through his onetime employees to rid himself of the annoying nixie pest, but Corax’s patience is wearing thin and he may soon cut down his former employees to get to the nixie.

The PCs stumbled upon this delicate situation and after talking to both parties, the PCs will coerce Melianse to release the charmed loggers from her spell if they replace the trees she lost. With his loggers returned to him, Corax will agree to relocate to a new grove of trees, uninhabited by tricky fey, to continue his lumberwork. But Corax has warned the PCs that if they do not hurry, his patience will wear away and he will cut down his own men to kill the nixie.

Corax is a crass, gruff man devoted to his duty of cutting timber for a living.


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