Chief Sootscale

This black-scaled kobold stands proud and strong. He is decorated with trinkets of bone and stone. The skull of the last Kobold that attempted to usurp the throne from him serves now as the chief's helmet.


Male Kobold rogue 3
Alignment Lawful Evil
Deity Kurtulmak
HAIR none
EYES Black


Sootscale is the chieftain and namesake of the Kobolds indigenous to the Kamelands. Sootscale became chieftan of the Kobold tribe and lead the tribe into a time of prosperity that it had never seen before.

Then, Tartuk came along.

The oddly-colored Kobold found his way to the Sootscale Caverns and began preaching about an ancient and angry Kobold god named Old Sharptooth. Even though the Kobolds had never heard of such a god and doubted Tartuk, but then one of the scales of one of the Kobolds listening to Tartuk speak turned yellow. Tartuk heralded it as a sign of Old Sharptooth’s wrath and the Kobolds accepted Tartuk’s words with excited fervor. Sootscale soon found himself expelled from his own room as it was given to Tartuk.

Tartuk produced a statue of a crouching horn devil and declared it the iconic idol of Old Sharptooth. During one of their invasions of the Sootscale Caverns, the mites made away with this statue and Tartuk claimed that, if the statue was not returned soon, Old Sharptooth would send a ravaging plague on the Kobolds. So, the Kobolds went to war against the Mites, littering the hills with dead Mite and Kobold bodies. And each day, Tartuk sacrificed a Kobold to appease Old Sharptooth. And Sootscale could only sit and watch as his once proud tribe of Kobolds dwindled away.

Chief Sootscale is a suspicious and superstitious kobold, although as lordly as a kobold can be.

Chief Sootscale

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