Warden Akiros Ismort


Male Human Ex-Paladin 1/Barbarian 3
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity None
HAIR Black, with streaks of grey
EYES Steel-Blue


Not much is known about Akiros. He was a high-ranking lieutenant, in fact he was second-in-command, of the Stag Lord’s forces. However, Akiros knew the life of a bandit wasn’t for him. When the PCs attacked The Stag Lord’s Fort, Akiros saw their attack as his opportunity to leave this life behind and begin anew. So, he turned his sword on his former allies and fought alongside the PCs, assisting them in a victory over the Stag Lord and his bandits.

When approached by the PCs to participate in their new kingdom, Akiros admitted that he felt quite aimless in life and serving the PCs as a Warden would help give his life the direction it needed.

Akiros keeps to himself and has a mysterious air about him.

Warden Akiros Ismort

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