Kingmaker Adventure Path

Here Begins Book 2...

Seasons have come and gone and are coming again. As the moon fades to be birthed anew, so has that I have so longed for. That which I lost so far ago, that which was taken from me… Family! Though not born of flesh and blood, we hold each other true, tested by battle and bound by spirit.

Jhod teaches the words of Erastil, “The first gift you ever receive is your family.” A lesson I had once forgotten. As our stern and loving father is a protector and a provider, so too, must I take upon this yoke. Farm, hunt, and trade help to provide, and the family to protect our new tribe. I spoke the old words, danced by the fires, and communed with the spirits. The winds spoke of the character of my family: Strong and proud, I am the Elk who walks among the spirits of the trees, a greenseer, and First Ranger. Cunning and quick-witted, the Fox is the master of coins. Stealth and luxury follow the Rat, a silencer of tongues. Kind and playful is the prudent Dolphin who leads the family.



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