Kingmaker Adventure Path

9th of Gozran

We have come to an area where the thorn protected river joins with a river where horribly shrieking birds are nesting. The only good is this area holds a shallow ford in the rivers allowing easy crossing. We made camp far away from the birds or we may not sleep at all.

The Dark One has been uneasy. His temper is less settled without hard drink and little better with. The Whispering One speaks in the Dark’s ear when she believes no one is listening. I hear what she has to say though. The Dark One seeks only gold and the Whispering One moves only to serve his purpose. She may have laid a healing hand on me, but there is a darkness within her. They spoke of leaving to join up with the one that is called the Stag Lord. Katara has done no wrong and deserves better company. I, however, have my own sins to atone for. I will not let harm come to Katara after what I have witnessed to my own blood. Leave if they must; no evil shall befall her.

Nightfall was deep upon us and the Whispering One moved with the shadows. The Dark One was less quite, but Katara held fast to sleep. The two gathered their portion of camp and the Dark One began to move towards Katara and her belongings. I rose and readied my axe. The Dark One saw me and began to draw his blade.

“There is unfinished business between you and I,” he rumbled in a low gruff voice.

The Whispering One placed a hand to him. “He will fall in due time. Now is not the time Reginald. Come, We will leave them to the dangers of the wilds.” Her dark eyes rested on Katara for a moment. If not for startling Katara, I would have gouged the witch’s evil eyes from her head. The Dark One replaced his half-drawn blade and grudgingly left the area. I held watch through the night, fearing their return.



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