Kingmaker Adventure Path

8th of Lamashan, 4711

Katara begged me not to go. The child refused to go. I do not hold fault with them. What I had asked was much of anyone. We needed… No, not we, I needed to go back to the lizardfolk’s camp. I had to know what became of Tyg-titter-tut… of Pervilash… of Wade and Nix. Katara and the child agreed to meet me at Tiressia’s grove and if I had not returned by the dawn of the third day, travel to Dhunmoor with the child.

“See the boy safely home.” I said in parting.

I dared not speak of my feelings for Katara. I had denied them in front of the child. Now, they would only make parting much harder than it already was. I could not walk in good heart knowing that harm came to her. I nearly got her killed trying to save the child. I will have to live with that. It will not happen again.

As I approached the island fort, the sky began to weep. Cold rushed over me. I feared to enter… feared what I would find… feared what I knew to be in there. The death of an entire tribe lay before me. We had done to these creatures the very thing that was done to my family, to my tribe. My heart thrummed as the wings of a caged bird. A cold breeze washed over me as I passed through the gate. Bodies littered the dirt as rain began to wash over them. There’s blood… blood on my hands for this. Nix had been pierced by the same weapon as the wounds my chest still bore. The wounds ached as I looked upon his body. I removed what I could leaving him the decency of his clothe, tattered though they may be. The horse could not handle the extra weight. Wade still smelt charred from the creature’s shock. His eyes had greyed, his hair hinted with white, his face contorted with horror. I barred him the same privilege as Nix. Amid the bodies, Tyg-titter-tut and Pervilash lay static in the mud. Why did they give themselves for me? For Katara? The child? The rabble-rouser’s words came to me.

“Warpath? A man on the path of war and death followed him.” he spoke. “Death of foe and friend… of family… of loved ones… of those he held dear. So much blood, and all this blood shall be on his hands.”

He spoke truth. I must hold accountable for all that has happened, of all that I have lost because of my actions. My steps marked the earth as the weight of all this death, all this blood, is on my hands.



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