Kingmaker Adventure Path

7th of Erastus 4711

A troll blocked our path. Once again, the half-man ruined any tact that we may employ.

“HIDE!” he yelled before leaping off his horse into a tree.

I am not sure if he means to use us as bait against our foes or a distraction that he may go unnoticed. Either way, axes in hand, I charged the creature. If it is a fight this thing wants, a fight it shall get. Flames burst before me, engulfing the beast. Pfft… Pfft… Arrow and bolt struck their aim and we dance through this small clearing until only one left standing. Each battle holds new scars. Some faded with age while yet others burned deep, never to be forgotten.

“If you do something so foolish like that again, I’m going to let the blasted thing eat you before and we can cut you out of its stomach later.” Katara scolded the halfling as a mother would a child. Thankfully she had sheathed her weapon or anger may have run the little man through.



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