Kingmaker Adventure Path

6th of Abadius, 4713

The night passed uneventfully. (Thank Gozreh.)

We made our way to Nivatka’s Crossing, a village on the Shrike River. It is small and humble in appearance and the people seem none to friendly to outsiders. Still, they took our coin as we plied them for information about Varnhold.

We spent a short time there, learning little of Varnhold and hearing some rumors about how the land was once ruled by one-eyed giants. We cross the bridge leading south on our way to Varnhold. Soon, the mountains loom up ahead of us. They are called the Tors of Levenies, I am told, and I know Varnhold is situated at the foot of these mountains.

We journeyed south along the road as it followed the river and came to a bridge crossing the river. It is night time and we decided to rest here for the night. Abraham jokingly told Godfrey not to pee in the water. They had a laugh, but I will make sure to drink water from further upstream than them.

We must be nearing Varnhold now. I expect to arrive at the town tomorrow. We shall see just what has befallen our neighbors.



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