Kingmaker Adventure Path

5th of Abadius, 4713

The innkeeper of Svetlegton gave us a feast to honor our arrival last night (or as much of a feast as the small village could muster). We set off in the morning along the South Rostland Road. Nivatka’s Crossing is many miles east. Abraham suggests we force our march so we may rest there tonight.

On the road, we found a fort with no guards and gates standing wide open. Shtor, Pete, and I approached the fort carefully, but found no one inside. It would seem this fort was abandoned, but we do not know why. Regardless, it is night and this is as good a place as any to rest. We take shelter in the shop and Shtor rigs a bell on the doorjam to alert us of anyone entering. Pete and I agree to take most of the watch since our rings of sustenance will supplement a night’s rest.

I hope there are no creepy creatures lurking in the shadows of this fort.



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