Kingmaker Adventure Path

4th of Abadius, 4713

A year and some odd months have passed since the owlbear attack on our city. What a tumultuous time for our kingdom. As if the owlbear destroying our citizens’ homes was not enough, it turned out Darkie and Iolana assassinated Elga Verniex and made off with a large reserve of our kingdom’s gold. After we had dealt with the trolls further south, we tracked the owlbear back to its lair and put it out of its misery.

Much has changed since then. Spirit Elk left to hunt Darkie and Iolana and I have not heard from him since. New people have joined our kingdom and it has flourished quite well. When I set out from my home of Northern Issia, I never suspected that I would be leaving to become a baroness of a nation.

It is now mid-winter and the beginning of a new year. During our meeting, Oleg reports that we have not heard from our eastern neighbor and ally Varnhold for the past two weeks. A few days after this, we receive a summons from the Swordlords of Restov asking us to investigate the disappearance on their behalf. We learned of Varnhold last year when a visiting dignitary came to open up trade between our cities. They are similar to us in many ways, even having been chartered by Restov like us to make a new nation. There are rumors that the Nomen Centaurs may be involved in their sudden disappearance.

As we made ready to leave, we were approached by a gnome mercenary named Shtor. He is worried about his family in Varnhold and seems more than capable of helping us in our journey. We agree to leave Gideon and Karigen behind to calm the populace in our absence.

We spent the day traveling north along the Korra Road. We will rest in Svetlegton and then make our way east along the South Rostland road on our way to Varnhold. I hope our allies are not in too much danger.



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