Kingmaker Adventure Path

3rd of Gozran

We stumbled upon a ruin. Large moss covered boulders and a carved pool flooded with algae. A cliff face branched out in the seeming facade of a deer’s antlers, framing the cavernous entrance. We had found the Lost Temple of the Elk. At the warning of Jhod’s visions, we readied ourselves for battle. I approached the entrance to the cave. A bear charged out and dug a claw in me. I planted both axes in the grizzly creature and it turned its full fury towards me. I know not what happened as I lie on the cold stone. When I awoke, the area was a little brighter. Full of color. The one I have called witch bandaged my wounds. For this, I will learn her name. The Dark One dove into the pool, clear of growth. Katara suggested that I take a dip in the pool as well. The women helped me lower into the refreshing waters. My wounds began to close and strength returned to my soul.



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