Kingmaker Adventure Path

30th of Pharast

After a restful sleep, tempers cooled and I expressed great want to hunt the boar called Tuskgutter. The morning served us well in our effort. With gathered food and strength, we left under the mid-day sun. We arrived in the area formerly plagued by traps. Each set about their own shelter and my friends paid us visit. Tyg-Titter-Tut and Pervilash became known the others. The creatures told us of where the Temple of the Elk was to be found and that the creature Tuskgutter was even further south. The body we had found was true to be the Trapper Breeg and it was this fey-dragon that saw to his end. Pervilash claimed it a prank gone wrong. As no proof holds his words false, he is to be trusted. The cricket-lady asked for a song and the Dark One belched out a tune about drink, ships, and women. It was not unpleasing, yet still Tyg-Titter-Tut spoke praise of the Dark One’s ability. They will stay with us the night.



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