Kingmaker Adventure Path

24th of Rova, 4711

After dealing with the silver-tongued spy, we dealt with our kingdom problems on a larger scale: the allocation of funds, the establishment of buildings, and the widening of our kingdom’s borders.

As we prepared to leave, we were bombarded with requests and pleas. One woman begged Wade to find her an elven artifact. He is obviously weak for women as he succumbed to her sultry wiles and agreed to return with said artifact. We hear of rumors of a green dragon in our lands. Though I have never met such a beast, I have heard of their power. Should this dragon reach our city it would threaten our people… My family… Katara

A desperate mother also asked us to find her lost son Tig Tannerson. The boy usually goes to play in the muck and mire of the swamps south of Dhunmoor. He has been missing for seven days. Why it took so long for his mother to alert us, I do not know. But Katara has sworn to find this boy and I have sworn to help her.



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