Kingmaker Adventure Path

14th of Abadius, 4713

We rose up early in the morning and found Aecora already waiting for us outside our tent. She informed us of some dissension in the camp over our overnight stay and was here to see us promptly and safely from camp. As we walked, Aecora confided in us that a hunter had reported seeing a strange shape lurking near Olah-Kakanket. This hunter was Aecora’s only daughter and has gone missing since making that report. Aecora asked us to see her daughter safely home, if possible. We, of course, agreed.

We set out west, exploring a little further south of our route to the Nomen camp. We found a field full of giant mammoths. They seemed quite content to wander and we gave them a wide berth so as not to upset any of the bulls of the herds.

We also found the massive bones of some long-dead creature. Karigan identified the bones as having once belonged to a giant linnorm. As we drew nearer, we saw the site around the bones decorated with religious fetishes matching the icons of the moon goddess from the Nomen camp. This site must be considered holy by the Nomens. Maybe rangers come here to pray while they are out hunting. We marks it on our map and continue on, making camp in the feet of the nearby mountains.



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