Kingmaker Adventure Path

10th of Gozran

Morning light revealed to Katara the two had gone. She questioned me as to where they went. I beckon her eat and all I tell her is that they are gone.

“The bad people will not harm you White Swan. Not anymore.”

Katara asked me who White Swan was. My thoughts must have been loud as I did not recall saying that name. I held back tear and rage as I told her of my people. I told of my beloved little sister and what the bad people had done to her; people like the Dark One. I dared not follow the others, but it was foolhardy not to know where they went. I tracked their movements west. They continued beyond the edge of our travels the day before. Then Katara and I made clear marks to the south, should they try and follow. The bear traps would work well for a trap in the underbrush. We made tracks that led further past the traps before we turned to the east. I made every effort to disguise our tracks. We camped before entering new land.



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