Kingmaker Adventure Path

10th of Abadius, 4713

We stayed the night in the stockade after clearing out the bunkroom of the spriggans’ belongings and stink. When I woke up, I noticed that my joints were stiff and my skin around the rat bites from two days ago was swollen. Apparently, the rats were diseased.

Outside, the world was coated in ice and snow. The winter weather has set upon us in full force. After rallying the spriggans from where we had kept them during the night, Shtor reported that one spriggan had died during the night due to his wounds and the frigid weather. Regardless, these spriggans have agreed (at swordpoint) to lead us half way to the Nomen campgrounds.

Making our way through the ice-covered plains will be difficult and my aching joins aren’t making things any easier, but we have to find those lost citizens.



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